Der Titel spiegelt Woodworking als Hobby wider, nicht als Berufung. Die berufliche Holzbearbeitung ist wegen des starken Drucks, schnell zu produzieren, um die Rechnungen bezahlen zu lassen, so ziemlich das Gegenteil der Adjektive im Titel. Also bleiben wir bei der Hobby-Orientierung für die Zwecke dieses Artikels. Viele Menschen starten ein Continue Reading

Create wooden toys, a superb designer bed, a dining table in solid wood, or restore antique furnitures – as a member of our non-profit association you can start working under professional guidance of voluntary carpenters and knowledgeable This workshop may be a good opportunity to train your German language skills, too. Alex Hänggi (native English speaker), Luc Dolder and Urs Leibundgut can certainly serve you best in English. Preliminary knowledge is an advantage, but no requirement. You will be able to learn by doing. Work on large machines will be carried out by our carpenters at a defined time-based cost. Drop in during our opening hours and discuss your project with one of our volunteer advisors on site!
. Plans are for a simple twin vertical fold-up wall bed design, a perfect way to keep an extra bed tucked away and ready for guests. When not in use, it folds back into a cabinet and when it's needed, you can pull it down in few seconds. Extension garage spring system that available at local home center is used rather than expensive piston system that can be leak or old-fashioned springs that can snap back. Bed is held securely close and open gently for add safety.